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There's a high cost for not investing in leadership and team development. 

Research indicates that managers don't get leadership training until about four years after they've become a manager. This indicates a potential lack of readiness.  

57% of employees have left a job because of their manager. This compounded with the lack of manager readiness creates a perfect storm! People often leave managers, not companies. 

With direct costs, transition costs, and other adminsitrative costs; It is estimated that the total cost of turnover is 90 - 200% of an employee's annual salary. Turnover is expensive!  

Strong workplace relationships keep employees engaged. Research indicates the #1 indicator of a high-performing team is the psychological safety and trust that is only developed from interpersonal connection.

The number of employees who work from home has increased by 44% since 2015.  Remote work will become the norm for many in light of the pandemic.  Managing teams will have an added layer of complexity, and leaders need to be equipped.

Sources: DDI Frontline Project 2019, McKinsey Consulting data 2017, Society of Human Resource Management, Google's Project Aristotle, FlexJobs & Global Workplace Analytics Report.

Leaders and their teams need more support. 

Something has to change. 

Let's start the transformation for your team.


  • Managers who have the technical job skills (and lots of potential), but lack the leadership and communication skills to mobilize the team
  • Too little and too late training, coaching, and feedback to prepare managers for success
  • Major organizational change or rapid growth that has caused your "people strategy" to no longer support the sustainability of your organization
  • Ineffective communication, unresolved conflict, and lack of trust on disjointed teams who operate in silos with no unified goals


  • Managers who have increased self-awareness, confidence, and the key competencies of inspirational leaders and emotionally-intelligent coaches 
  • Just-in-time customized leadership training to address the needs of your frontline and mid-level managers
  • Timely manager support with a company learning culture that encourages creative problem solving, commitment, and accountability
  • Employees who are motivated to work together and inspired by opportunities to create connection, build trust, and get to understand people with different personalities

We're here to help.


Our Strategies

Leadership Development Programs

Customized training programs to transform your management team into inspirational leaders and emotionally-intelligent coaches .

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One-on-one coaching that helps leaders assess areas of strength and challenge, build confidence & self-awareness, and create action plans to achieve growth goals. 

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Team Development Programs

Interactive workshops, behavioral assessments, and peer learning experiences designed to enhance interpersonal effectiveness, strengthen collaboration, and facilitate team building. 

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Engaging workshops and keynote talks for your organization or special event designed to connect with your audience, find common ground, and lead them on a path of learning and self-discovery. 

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