Leadership Development Services

It's time to cultivate more confident leaders.

The a leap from an individual contributor to leader is a big one. While we also work with executive-level leaders as well, we believe the organizations should make leadership development accessible to all. We provide personal leadership workshops for individual contributors, and focused programming to help frontline and middle management people leaders develop practical skills.

Research indicates that frontline and middle managers are responsible for managing more than 80 percent of an organization’s workforce and are directly responsible for executing an organization's strategy. Additionally, those in these roles are overwhelmingly just playing it by ear, as many don't receive leadership training until they've been in the role for a few years (DDI Frontline Leader Project).

This lack of just-in-time training creates both a lack of confidence and a lack of readiness to lead. Managers are struggling to have difficult performance conversations, and need tools to provide timely feedback, translate organizational goals into action, and engage their teams.

We work with your organization to develop customized learning experiences to support your leaders and managers to develop key leadership competencies such as:

  • Empathy
  • Self-awareness
  • Communication skills
  • Coaching and developing others
  • Problem-solving
  • Building and maintaining relationships
  • Conflict management
  • Leveraging influence
  • Learning to delegate
  • Strategic & visionary thinking

Services to develop more effective leaders and managers in your organization:

Leader Learning Labs

Learning labs provide quick upskilling for managers in an interactive 1-2 day bootcamp training format with options for follow-up support. Focus areas include: The New Manager, Leadership Communication Essentials, Coaching Conversations, and Women in Leadership.

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Vital Leadership

Training Program

A comprehensive leadership development training program to help people managers learn and implement essential leadership competencies. This 8-part program covers the entire life cycle of talent development. Participants meet on a biweekly or monthly basis for training, with optional individual coaching in between trainings, to support implementation over 6-12 months.

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Activate New Leaders Program

The Activate program is designed to support new leaders gain foundational leadership skills as they transition from peer to manager. Participants meet on a biweekly or monthly basis for training, with optional individual coaching in between trainings, to support implementation over 4-8 months.

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Leadership Coaching

One-on-one coaching for leaders helps them assess areas of strength and challenge, build confidence and self-awareness, and create action plans to achieve growth goals in critical leadership competency areas. Can be used in conjunction with a 360º assessment.

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Offsite Leadership Team Retreat

Taking your leadership team off-site is a great way to energize your people, strengthen relationships, and give some laser focus to a particular area. We facilitate 1- & 2-day out-of-the-office sessions at a retreat facility of your choice.

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360º Assessments

360° assessments provide leaders with objective feedback from observer data. This feedback helps leaders identify their leadership strengths and areas for improvement, and guides the creation of a personalized leadership development plan.

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Black Woman Leading®

Black Woman Leading® is a research-backed initiative which offers leadership development programming, a podcast, and an annual conference for Black women professionals throughout their career life cycle.

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