Leader Learning Labs

Interactive short bootcamp style trainings to provide quick upskilling for managers with options for follow-up support

What is it? 

An interactive 1-2 day training experience fueled by best practice frameworks and experiential exercises to help leaders learn and practice new skills. Virtual sessions are broken down into smaller chunks over a longer period of time.

Leader learning labs provide targeted training and coaching in a small group setting. Session activities may include self-reflection, partner sharing, brainstorming, group discussion, laser coaching, role playing, case studies, and other exercises. Participants leave the experience with a detailed action plan to implement their new learnings right away.

Intended Audience: All leaders and managers at your organization

Why is it Important?  

Leader Learning Labs take an upskilling approach to increase the skill sets of emerging and current managers. Upskilling is the process of teaching current employees new skills. As many managers are promoted because they were successful in carrying out the technical skills or core activities of their previous role, managing others requires a particular set of skills that is not intuitive for many people. Additionally, a constant barrier to leadership training is a lack of time for managers to step away from their day-to-day tasks to participate.

Leader Learning Labs provide laser focus over a short time frame (usually 1-2 days) to help managers learn new skills, develop those skills into critical leadership competencies, and then translate those competencies into practical strategies that can be implemented right away. This effort supports the organizational goals and bottom line, while contributing to positive employee morale. Investing in your managers and leaders not only prepares them for their current roles, but positions them to be able to take on more leadership responsibilities later.

Focus Areas

All labs are tailored to the client's desired outcomes, and customized focus areas can be developed. Behavioral assessments can be added to further personalize the activities for participants. Common focus areas include:

  • The New Manager (Transitioning from Peer to Leader)
  • Leadership Communication Essentials
  • Coaching & Feedback Conversations
  • Delegation & Accountability for Results
  • Conflict Management & Dealing with Difficult Employees
  • Women in Leadership

What's Included? (all options are fully customizable)

  • Pre-event planning meeting to learn more about your goals and align the session activities with your desired outcomes
  • Customized agenda, interactive exercises, handouts, and presentation visuals (if applicable). Finalized agenda will be provided to the prior to the event. 
  • (Optional) Behavioral assessment + personalized debrief report for each team member (DISC or Core Values Index). Results will be integrated into the training content.
  • 1- or 2-day interactive training session at your location. Virtual sessions can be offered and will be broken into shorter sessions over several days.
  • 60-minute follow up group coaching call for participants, usually 2-3 weeks after the training session, to capture implementation insights and troubleshoot challenges
  • One post-event 60-minute coaching session with the manager/leadership team to discuss insights and provide recommendations for maintaining the momentum gained from the program.  

Let's discuss bringing a Leader Learning Lab to your organization.

We will learn more about your goals and challenges, and discuss customizing a program to meet your needs. Based on your no-pressure conversation, we will provide recommendations with detailed pricing information and next steps for how to get started.