Behavioral Assessments

It's time to increase awareness on your team.

Assessments provide profound results that help to identify the behavioral styles of others. Through these results, your team members can learn how to identify—and use to their advantage—predictable aspects of communication. This enhanced knowledge, supported by decades of research and validation, has a broad range of business applications.

Behavior assessments can help organizations to:

  • Train managers on how identify their own and their employees' observable behaviors, and then adapt their leadership style to optimize the employees' work style 
  • Help team members understand each other, optimize communication, and resolve conflict 
  • Customize employee training initiatives 
  • Create teams based on compatible skills and traits to create high performance
  • Understand behavioral tendencies of customers and adapt selling style to fit the customer’s buying style
  • Enhance performance management by using assessment results to identify strengths and challenges, and create measurable benchmarks for improvement 

The possibilities are endless! 

Laura is a certified provider of DISC and utilizes several other assessments in her work with organizations. These assessments can be integrated into all services including leadership development programs, team development programs, and stand-alone workshops. 

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DISC Assessment

This DISC assessment measures and provides insight into four primary behavioral tendencies and emotions (dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientious). The DISC assessment scores communicate needs-motivated, observable behavior and emotion.

The DISC assessment can be tailored to individual contributors and leaders (as a 360º assessment). Team reports are also available, which provides a high level overview of results and team dynamics for everyone on the team.

The DISC assessment is scientifically validated by the Assessment Standards Institute, an independent third-party evaluator.

See a sample DISC report (individual contributor)

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

This assessment serves to heighten awareness of our own EIQ, identify relative strengths and weaknesses based on our emotional dispositions, and provide a framework for interpersonal and intrapersonal effectiveness.

Emotional Intelligence is all about understanding and managing yourself and also understanding and managing others. It is based on an internal loop that begins with awareness of our own emotions and temperament. It continues on through self-understanding and moves towards discipline and  management of the self. It then repeats these steps by connecting to the emotions of others to build more effective relationships.

See a sample Emotional Intelligence (EIQ-2) Report

Leadership Effectiveness 360º Assessment

360° assessments provide leaders with objective feedback from observer data collected from colleagues, managers, direct reports, and other key stakeholders. This feedback helps leaders identify their leadership strengths and areas for improvement, and guides the creation and implementation of a personalized leadership development plan.

The Leadership Effectiveness 360 assessment covers eight critical leadership skills: communication, decision-making, delegation, emotional intelligence, managing change, setting goals, team building, and visualizing the future.

The assessment can be utilized as part of a comprehensive coaching program. Alternately, it can be used as a stand alone resource that includes a 90-minute debrief session and written leadership development plan.

See a sample Leadership 360 report

Use the power of assessments to your advantage.

Laura will learn more about your goals and challenges, and discuss customizing an assessment strategy to meet your needs. Based on your no-pressure conversation, she will provide recommendations with detailed pricing information and next steps for how to get started.