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Coaching is a confidential and goal-centered, structured dialogue that focuses on helping the coachee discover answers for themselves to reach his or her potential through guided action plans with clear objectives and measurable results. Some common themes of Laura's coaching work in organizations include:

  • Helping leaders navigate through organizational change,
  • Helping new managers gain self-awareness and improve leadership conversations
  • Helping more technically-oriented individuals strengthen interpersonal skills
  • Helping individuals create action plans to deal with conflicts with colleagues and clients
  • Helping individuals create action plans for better time management and work-life balance
  • Helping team members to change behaviors that undermine productivity

Coaching is a useful way of developing a person's self-awareness, confidence, and skills. Laura partners with organizations to integrate coaching into their existing employee development frameworks. There are many uses for coaching in a workplace context, and it is appropriate for all levels of the organization.  Coaching can be done in person or virtually via video-conferencing.

Key components of a coaching process include goal setting, clarifying the current reality, enlightened brainstorming to identify and assess options, confirming and implementing action planning, and follow-up for accountability.

While powerful questioning and appreciative inquiry is the foundation of all coaching engagements, other methods employed in the coaching relationship can vary and may include visioning, role playing to practice new skills, live observation, and relevant readings.

Coaching packages usually start with a three-month commiment, with an option to renew as appropriate. Every coaching offering starts with assessing coaching needs and priorities, and establishing desired outcomes and goals.

Leadership Coaching

One-to-one leadership coaching helps to enhance leadership effectiveness. The format is designed to produce positive changes in business behavior in a limited time frame, and may include the use of behavioral and 360-degree assessments.

Core areas of focus for leadership coaching include:

  • Self-management and awareness
  • Leading others
  • Leading for results
  • Leading change

Desired results and leadership competencies are customized based on the developmental goals of the leader.

If the coaching is sponsored by the organization, the program will include an initial contracting meeting, mid-program meeting, and a final evaluative meeting with the employee, manager, and HR representative as applicable.

Team Coaching

Sometimes teams need a coach to facilitate self-awareness and team-awareness. Team coaching is designed to strengthen psychological safety, trust-building, communication, and collaboration to support the team to deliver results.

Team coaching is a good strategy for teams that want to build understanding to navigate through conflicts that undermine the team's productivity, or establish a plan to navigate through rapid change.

Team coaching is a effective follow-up strategy after an intensive program like The Team Collaboration Lab.

Drop-In Coaching

The investment for coaching is often reserved for leaders in many organizations. And while it may not be financially feasible to offer coaching to every employee in the organization, the usefulness of coaching for all employees cannot be denied.

Drop-In Coaching gives organizations an opportunity to make coaching accessible for employees at any level within the organization at an affordable price-point for the business.   

Laura collaborates with organizations to develop on-site or virtual coaching days where employees can "drop-in" for laser -focused coaching sessions to develop action plans for workplace challenges. The employee decides the topic.

Sample topics may include navigating conflicts with peers/managers/clients, career planning, problem-solving for a specific business issue, work-life balance, improving communication skills, or managing others.

Let's discuss a customized coaching solution to support your team.

Laura will learn more about your goals and challenges, and discuss customizing a coaching strategy to meet your needs. Based on your no-pressure conversation, she will provide recommendations with detailed pricing information and next steps for how to get started.