7 Tips for maintaining connection with your team while working remotely

In COVID-19 times, working from home became a new norm for many people. Here are tips for leaders and managers to help them maintain the connection on their teams.

5 tips to cultivate resilience in your team members

Many teams, here in in the US, are in the midst of several weeks of social distancing;  While the initial focus was on moving employees to remote work and adapting systems to maintain workflow; many companies are now shifting prioritizing the mental health of its employees.

Here are 5 tips for leaders and managers to help them support the resilience of their team members.

6 tips for giving constructive feedback

Research indicates that employees rank receiving straightforward  feedback from their managers as a top priority, yet managers are often ill-prepared to deliver.

You can’t just wait to the annual performance evaluation to tell people how they are doing and what they need to change.  People need frequent feedback to learn to learn, adapt, and grow in the process of doing their jobs.  Feedback is most effective when delivered in real time, along with support, coaching, and guidance about how to improve performance.

This video shares 6 tips for giving constructive feedback.

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