Vital Leadership Training Program

A comprehensive leadership development training program to help managers learn and implement essential leadership competencies throughout the talent development life cycle

What is it? 

Vital Leadership is a small group training program to help people leaders navigate the entire talent development life cycle. Participants will increase awareness of leadership aptitudes, while learning new skills to manage employee performance and development at the team level. 

In addition to attending a series of interactive trainings, participants will develop an individual leadership development plan, and have the option to receive coaching and accountability to implement best practice leadership and management models in their day-to-day work.  

Intended Audience: Frontline & Middle Managers at your organization

Program Details

The Vital Leadership program is a cohort model, and the program typically runs 8-12 months virtually and/or on-site at the organization. Based on the organization's preference, participants may meet for biweekly half-days, monthly full days, or several 2-day clusters throughout the program.

The Vital Leadership program provides a structured curriculum built on research-based frameworks and leadership best practice. Session activities may include training, self-reflection, partner sharing, brainstorming, group discussion, laser coaching, role playing, case studies, and other exercises. Participants leave the experience with a detailed action plan to implement their new learnings right away.

After the initial session, participants identify leadership goals they would like to focus on throughout the program cycle and create a leadership development plan. Organizations may opt for each participant can receive a set number of coaching sessions that can be used throughout the program cycle to help apply the learnings in their day-to-day role. Additionally, peer masterminding sessions and behavioral assessments like the DISC behavioral assessment or Leadership Effectiveness 360º assessment may be integrated to further support their individual development in the program.

How will participants benefit?

  • Increased self-confidence, initiative, and composure with regard to leading a team  
  • Increased awareness about their own personal behavior attributes, motivation, and communication skills that inform their leadership interactions; and the ability to shift or change these when needed to more effectively lead a team 
  • Elevated interpersonal and emotional intelligence skills (approachability, listening, communication, and building relationships)
  • Improved ability to manage employee performance and delegate where appropriate 
  • Increased ability to stimulate the personal development of team members  

  • Improved ability to coach and motivate team members to meet business goals 
  • Increased capability to build trust within the team, manage conflict, and encourage collaboration
  • Encouragement and accountability derived from a supportive facilitator and a stronger community of peer leaders within the organization 
  • More efficient decision-making and action implementation
  • Better time management and productivity
  • More effective diagnosis skills to determine performance, relationship, and systemic issues and what to do about them  

What content is covered?

Through a series of classroom trainings, individual coaching sessions, case studies, and implementation exercises; participants may cover the following content areas. All program components can be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs.

  • Hire great talent
  • Collaborate to set and align goals
  • Provide clear expectations & feedback
  • Coach to influence and develop
  • Lead effective & empowering one-on-ones
  • Manage difficult performance conversations
  • Build a motivational and inclusive environment
  • Practice relationship strategies that build trust

What's Included?

(all options are fully customizable)

  • Pre-event planning meeting(s) to learn more about your goals and fine-tune curriculum to meet organization's desired outcomes.
  • Group orientation to provide program overview and establish group rules
  • (Optional) DISC or 360º assessment + personalized debrief report for each team member. Results will be integrated into the goal planning.
  • Customization of curriculum and facilitation of training sessions over program timeline. Can be done virtually or in-person.
  • Program workbook and action journal for each participant.
  • (Optional) Set number of coaching sessions for each participant that can be used throughout the program to help apply the learnings in their day-to-day role.
  • (Optional) Integrated mastermind sessions for peer-to-peer learning opportunities to strategize on real pressing workplace issues.
  • Certificate of completion + digital badge for each participants
  • Pre & Post surveys for each session, as well as an overall course evaluation
  • Resource guide and coaching tips for the managers of participants to support the learning transfer in the workplace
  • (Optional) Coordination of am end-program participant insights panel or capstone project to highlight key learnings
  • Quarterly status reports to manager/leadership team to provide insights on overall participant progress
  • One post-program 60-minute coaching session with the manager/leadership team to discuss insights and provide recommendations for maintaining the momentum gained from the program.  

Let's discuss bringing the Vital Leadership Training Program to your organization.

We will learn more about your goals and challenges, and discuss customizing a program to meet your needs. Based on your no-pressure conversation, we will provide recommendations with detailed pricing information and next steps for how to get started.